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See your carpet transform before your eyes!

You will literally feel the difference under your feet. If you want one company to professionally clean your home or office from top to bottom, from professionally cleaning your carpets to restoring your oven to ‘as new’ condition then you need us at Life Maid Easy.

Aucklands Most Trusted Carpet CleanersLife Maid Easy can save you hours organising several companies to clean your home. Our team can give you a no obligation estimate that is tailored to your home and what you need cleaned. You can pick and choose the areas of your home that need special attention, like skirting boards, a tough carpet stain, your oven or the kitchen cupboards.

Better yet, because we’re already at your property there’s no travel time that other carpet cleaning companies build into their prices (if you book in a home clean with us as well).

“I was really impressed! Anthony called ahead to say he could show up 30 mins early, which worked for me. He was friendly and professional throughout the service, and I appreciated his attention to detail.

He cleaned our small cotton sectional couch, which was covered in puppy hair and drool, so thoroughly, that it looks brand new. The cleaning solution smells great, too, and isn’t overpowering. He even cleaned an area rug for me for minimal cost. I will definitely use Hart’s again!”

Shelley L


Here’s what our carpet cleaning service includes:

  • Pre shampoo vacuum
    • with our HEPA Filtration Vacuum System that extracts 99% of all dust bacteria, allergens, fur and pollen and makes it easier to professionally shampoo your carpets after your one-off clean.
  • Steam cleaning or ‘hot water extraction’
    • of your carpet by spraying hot water and steam into your carpets then sucking the dirt particles and grime away with a high powered vacuum. Steam cleaning is universally recommended as the best method for cleaning your carpet by experienced carpet cleaners and manufacturers.
  • Fast drying time
    • Our method of steam cleaning uses just enough water to restore your carpets without bogging down your carpet with excess water that can lead to mildew. You can walk on your carpet immediately after the clean although it will be a little damp. Within two to eight hours your carpet will be completely dry.
  • As an extra ‘no added cost’ service
    • we use a portable heater to run over your carpets once they’ve been shampooed. This speeds up the drying process without damaging your carpet.
  • Environmentally friendly carpet cleaning products
    • All cleaning agents we use are biodegradable, non-allergenic products that leave no odour or chemical residue. More expensive that many cheaper chemical alternatives, these eco-friendly cleaning agents are the best bet if you have a young family or pets who get up close and personal with your carpet.
  • Encapsulation carpet cleaning
    • If a two to eight hour drying time is too long then you can choose the ‘Encapsulation’ method of carpet cleaning that uses minimal water and a special chemical that binds to dirt particles. The dirt particles are then sucked up and removed from the carpet. While encapsulation only requires one hour of drying time, the method only extracts dirt from the top surface of the carpet. Its best used as a maintenance carpet clean in between annual steam carpet cleaning.
  • Carpet stain removal
    • Our expert carpet cleaning technicians can remove almost any stain inside 15 minutes and leave your carpet looking like it was before. Please let us know of any tough stains you have when you book.
  • Our Diamond Standard Satisfaction Guarantee
    • If you are not amazed with the smell, look and feel of your professionally cleaned carpets then we will return within 24 hours to put it right free of charge.


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